Copeland Hospitality


Credit: Assaf Pinchuk

Founded by Ronit Copeland in 2010, Copeland Hospitality is a unique hospitality consulting firm commited to delivering distinct avant-garde ideas and solutions for hotels, spas and lifestyle products. Copeland Hospitality is at the forefront of emerging trends in the hospitality & tourism industries, delivering clients the highest standards of consultancy & valuation services intersected with practical market-driven expertise.

Copeland Hospitality is an international hospitality & leisure consulting firm specializing in developing and establishing hotels in all scales, spas, resorts, tourism projects, events & conference centers both in Israel and abroad. We offer an extensive network of international connections along with solid knowledge and international experience in Strategic Marketing, Concept Building, hotel & spa development and openings.
Our main office is situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, on the trendy Rothschild Avenue with a subsidiary office in Miami, Florida.

Copeland Hospitality offers its clients the following bespoke services:
• Business Development in Global Markets
• Feasibility Analysis & Business Plans
• Concept Building & Development
• Hotel Pre openings
• Trend Forecasting
• Procurement & Sourcing
• Liaison with the Local Government & Municipalities
• Strategic Marketing & Sales Services
• Strategic Branding & Rebranding
• Master Project Management
• Asset Management
• Hotel & Spa Makeovers
• Coaching & Mentoring
• Building, Training & Leading staff
• Extensive Network Local & International Connections
• Hotel Openings & Integrations
• Collaborations with Architects, Designers & Branding Agencies
• Sourcing Ideas, Coordinating complete Creative & Branding course of action